The Brew Donkey Growler Exchange Program launched in December of 2013. With the exchange program, we were able to make bringing growlers back to breweries more convenient for all of the craft beer lovers in Ottawa. The service allows customers to bring back bottles from any brewery we service to any of the breweries listed in the Growler Exchange Program. The overwhelming success of this program has meant that we have had to change how it’s designed. In the past we gave a maximum of $4.00 per growler. That has meant that a $5.00 growler was paid out at $4.00 if returned to an brewery. Unfortunately, this did not allow us to operate effectively as most breweries in Ottawa have a $4.00 deposit.

Going forward, all bottles that are brought back to an alternate brewery as part of the Growler Exchange Program will be given $1.00 less value than the deposit. $0.50 of this dollar will go to the brewery for handling and $0.50 will go to Brew Donkey for moving the bottles between the breweries. As an example, a Kichesippi growler worth $5.00 brought back to Dominion City Brewing will be paid out to the customer at $4.00. A Dominion City growler valued at $4.00 brought back to Beyond the Pale by a customer will be paid out at $3.00. A Beyond the Pale 32oz bottle valued at $3.00 brought back to Nita Beer Co. by a customer will be paid out at $2.00. 

With these changes, we should be able to effectively and continuously operate the Brew Donkey Growler Exchange Program into the foreseeable future. These changes will also hopefully allow us to add more breweries to the Growler Exchange Program.

Cheers and thanks for loving craft beer.

Written by Bradley Campeau — May 04, 2015