Private Groups

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Tour prices for private are based on hard costs plus variable costs for the trip. The more people you have the better the price. With 25 ppl your price can be as low as $58/person.

With a private tour you choose the pickup, drop off, and all stops in between.  This is your private brewery tour experience but we do all the work and get you an amazing tour behind the scenes at each stop. 

Bachelor Parties

15-25 of your best buddies packed into a school bus learning about craft beer, trying new and exciting local brews and exploring the craft beer scene in our fine city.  A Brew Donkey private tour is a perfect bachelor party primer.  


Bachelorette Parties

Women love beer, and there is no better way to show it than spending 5-6 hrs on a bus travelling from brewery to brewery tasting local beer and experiencing what Ottawa's beer scene has to offer. Book your Brew Donkey Private tour for your bachelorette adventure.


Team Building Activities

A hard month or two at work can't always be commended with a pat on the back or a handshake. When you want to say thank you to staff that have worked hard, what a better way than a few drinks, and an local brewery experience. Our brewery tours are a responsible way to get your team out of the office as a thank you. 


Our public tours typically have a duration of 5 hours with complimentary water on route.  Public tours are suggested for groups under 10. They start at $75 and operate on a weekly basis primarily on weekends.  Check our listings here.