Virtual Beer Hall - Cover Event

We know our customers want to learn, explore and drink local beer, so we have created the Virtual Beer Hall.  A Zoom Meeting is not the way a taproom or a brewery tour works. In a 25 person tour when "Tammy" is telling a story at the back of the bus the whole bus does not need to be quiet and listen.

This is why this NEW service is so relevant.  Anyone can come to the Virtual Beer Hall, join a table and have small intimate conversations with your friends or join a table and make new ones, just like when you are on a Brew Donkey Bus Tour. 

This event is a "pay what you can" model and any funds are greatly appreciated at this time. Spread the word to your friends and family far and wide.

Feature Interview: We will speak with Stevie G of Vessel Packaging who has been part of the front-line team working in the struggle to get craft beer into your hands.  Vessel packaging has been operating as a mobile canning company for over 5 years but the work they do now is so much more relevant as breweries switch from keg to can on all retail beer.  Tune in to hear how their business has been affected and for great stories. 

We look forward to reopening and until then let's stay social, occupied and educated.

NOTE: Friday and Saturday events will have a cover charge of $5 minimum with extended content of contests, prizing, exclusive interviews and trivia.


Brad Campeau
Owner, Founder and Beer Lover

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Fri May 8 2020
7:00 PM - 9:00 PM
2 hrs
(+ Tax) Per Person
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Vessel Packaging
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Includes a warm feeling of support, access to a fun NEW space for craft beer lovers, entertainment and education.
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Virtual Beer Hall - Cover Event
(+ Tax) Per Person