Ramping up Tours - Job Posting - Deliveries

Weekly Tours

As of April we have decided to increase the amount of tours we offer to a weekly basis. Take a look at our running tours page to see what we have on offer.  (Pickups are available in Kanata, South Keys, Orleans and Downtown) 

Come work for us!

With this expansion of services we find ourselves in need of a passionate craft beer lover who has some capable public speaking skills.  If you think that this job is for you fire us off an email.  We would love to hear from you!


Deliveries are going great!

Since the first weekend that we began operating home delivery of Ottawa craft beer, it has been surprising to see how well the service has been accepted by the market.  We have to offer a big thanks to the breweries that have welcomed us into their stores on your behalf and have done their best to keep us updated on new and amazing beer offerings.
NOTE: Stay tuned for news relating to us updating our offerings to include great beer from the rest of Ontario!!!

Thanks so much for reading!!