Who We Are
Ottawa’s first craft brewery tour company, founded in 2013
Brew Donkey is a tour operator servicing craft breweries, wineries, cideries and distilleries in Ottawa. We help you get to local beverage makers on a curated bus trip filled with amazing guests like you, as well as entertainment and education. These trips are about exploring and learning with a healthy dose of locally made beverages. Explore craft beer locally!

Land Acknowledgment
All of the ingredients used in beer come from the land we live on. Barley, hops, water and yeast. The land that we are on gives us so much enjoyment and prosperity. The rivers, trees, lakes and valleys. Our tours take us all over this beautiful city. The parks, boulevards, architecture and neighborhoods. 
These are all part of why we love our city, founded on a land that was not always ours. These lands originally belonged to the
Algonquin Anishinabeg
people and were claimed and colonized
without a treaty. 
While on our tours we ask you to remember and have reverence for the land and those that it belonged to before us.
How it all started.

Brew Donkey was started to help get locals to the makers of the beer they love and that is exactly what it still does. The year before Brew Donkey opened, Brad Campeau started drinking local beer instead of macro beer. 4 months later he noticed that a brewery in Ottawa was hiring an events manager. A bulb went off. He applied for the job and started dreaming of working in the beer industry.

He did not get the job, or even an interview.

A bit disappointed but a lot motivated, he decided that he wanted to work in the industry and would try to build his way in.

He spent a few months talking to many breweries in Ottawa and trying to figure out what they would want from a tour company visiting them. Brew Donkey’s first tour hit the road in October 2013 and the touring has not stopped since.

Whether you’re already a craft warrior or a new recruit to drinking local, these tours have something for you. If you enjoy good times, great beers, and exploring your city with friends, Brew Donkey tours are waiting for you. Mount Up!
Come join us on one of our tours!