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As of November 17th, 2019 Brew Donkey in K/W will cease operations.
See this post for more details.
What's included in the tour fees?
Every one of our tours includes samples, tours of each facility, an education session on craft beer, a custom notes sheet for the day and plenty of water to stay hydrated. Our tours always include food, whether it be a light snack of a fresh pretzel as big as your head, and on bus meal with a Suzy Q donuts. Check each tours booking page to see what is included.

I'm a vegetarian, vegan, gluten-free... can I get a meal too?
You bet. Food is an important part of spending a day exploring craft beer. Each tour that has food included has a drop-down menu on the cart for you to choose your meal preference. There is a little exclamation mark to click to find out what we are gonna feed ya!
Regarding our gluten-free friends, although we offer a food option for meals, it is really only meant for people who are choosing to eat less gluten and not celiacs. Our tours visit breweries that make beer with gluten and are not suggested for celiacs. The breweries we visit are commercial brew houses only that rarely have gluten-free options such as wine, cider, cocktails.
How many tickets are left on the tour?
With the magic of the internet, we have told our web page to tell you when there are 10 or fewer tickets left on any given tour. On our tour booking pages, you will see a little message when the tickets for your tour are getting low. (See the image above)
I want that delicious Beef Sandwich but my buddy is a Vegan. How do I book my order?
First of all congrats on having a vegan friend as a meat-atarian. They are super cool people and will probably outlive us all! As to booking different meal options for multiple tickets in one order, just add all tickets to the cart. On the cart page you will be asked for the meal options for each guest. If you dont know what they want we will defaut to chicken. Any changes can be emailed to us in response to your order confirmation.
All your pickups are downtown and I live in Kanata/Orleans/Barrhaven. Will you pick me up at my house?
We understand. It's a long drive out there and not easy to get to the core for a tour. We offer custom pick-ups before our already scheduled pick-ups for a fee of $50 per stop.
Available within Ottawa city limits only.

To arrange a group pick-up, add the item to your order on the Cart Page.

How much beer is included on the tour? Is it unlimited?
We are really proud of our tours for being a great value. Some people view value as the quality of the experience, and others view it as volume for the price. We are happy that we score high marks in both views. We like to say that on our tours you get "enough" beer because no one has ever told us that they didn't get "enough". If this sounds like we aren't really answering the question, thats 'cause we aren't.

Under Ontario Law "unlimited alcohol" is not legal to offer, and the truth is our goal is helping people explore in a mindful, conscientious and conscious manner. Our guides are SmartServe certified and bad behaviour is not tolerated.
Can I drink or smoke on the bus?
No, you filthy animals!
No open alcohol containers or use of cannabis or cigarettes is allowed on the bus. We do have storage available on the bus for any purchases for later consumption that you make along the tour, though.
*we reserve the right to eject guests that refuse to comply by the rules.
Is there parking at your pick up locations?
First and foremost, do not plan to take our tours and drive afterwards. Our tours are of great value for volume as mentioned above and attendants should plan accordingly with designated drivers or public transportation. Please be don't drink and drive.

If you do want to bring along someone who doesn't drink we have a discount code for them (NOBOOZE4U give $20 off but you don't get drinks!!!)

That being said, at Bier Market there is street parking nearby, some of which is paid and some free, as well as underground parking which is paid or free. World Exchange Plaza is a safe place to park underground.

Around our Office (987 Wellington St West) there is ample street parking nearby, all of which is free and not metered (3-hour max as per City of Ottawa Bylaw). We do not have a parking lot and we claim no responsibility for vehicles left during a tour.
Have another question? Feel free to contact us here.