New Tour Pricing - Continued Support for Craft Beer

When we initially envisioned our brewery tours service, we assumed that once, maybe twice, a month we would operate a tour that would take advantage of the generosity that each of the Ottawa breweries is always willing to give. This meant that maybe once every two or three months we would bring 25 or 30 people to a brewery for free samples in hopes that tours guests would buy beer from the brewery.

Since we began the desire for tours has increased and in April we began launching weekly tours. With this increase we were bringing the breweries 25 to 35 people every month. We very soon realized that we didn't want to keep doing the tours this frequently  without compensating the breweries for their time, effort and amazing craft beer.

Starting in June all of our tours will include sampling fees and tasting paddle fees. Tasting paddles (at Brewpubs) are generally valued at between $9.50 and $17, and for each brewery visited we will submit $5/person for tour and sampling fees. The increase to our tour pricing is $25/person.  In some instances this fee will not cover all of our expenses and in others it will leave us a small profit of maybe $2.50. 

The breweries themselves have not asked for this but we want to ensure that we do not exhaust the resources and generosity of these breweries. Although this decision increases our prices, we are doing so in order to ensure we can continue to offer exciting and versatile products to the craft beer loving people of Ottawa.  Our goal has always been to help promote and support the local craft beer industry.

We at Brew Donkey and the craft breweries of Ottawa appreciate your continued support and consumption!

Thanks for loving craft beer