5 Epic Ottawa Experiences You Haven’t Heard About

We have all heard that Ottawa is growing fast - REALLY FAST!

So the number of epic adventures to go on with your buds locally is also climbing too.

Regardless of whether you are new to the city or an Ottawa vet, these hidden gems will shake off Ottawa’s sleepy image permanently.

Best of all, we are offering Brew Donkey Tours with each of these sweet Ottawa experiences.

Without further ado, we present 5 hidden adventures in Ottawa.

1. VR Racing at APEX V2R - Shifting Beers Tour

Gather your crew and start off a Brew Donkey Tour with VR Racing.

This new type of arcade experience uses a Virtual Reality headset immersing your friends onto a simulated race track.

Grab the steering wheel in the simulator and race your buds before a few brews!

....and don’t finish last.

2. Pro Wrestling at C*4 Wrestling - Hops & Elbow Drops Tour

Do you smell what Ottawa is cooking? Want to watch the smackdown laid on someone’s candy ass?

C*4 Wrestling – Capital City Championship Combat – is Ottawa’s premiere pro wrestling organization.

Best of all, we offer the Hops & Elbow Drops tour where we start off at a couple of craft breweries before entering the ring!

As the Macho Man would say, “OHHHHHHH YEEEEEEEAHHHHH!”


3. Flattrack Roller Derby at Ottawa Valley Roller Derby - Crush'd and Brews'd Tour (returning summer 2020)

Heard of roller derby?

Imagine this, 2 teams racing around an arena on rollerskates with no holds barred and full contact!

As part of a tour at Ottawa Valley Roller Derby, you will get to soak in the entertainment of this competition between brewery visits for the ultimate roller brew experience.

4. Coffee Roastery Tour at Equator Coffee - All Things Brewed Tour

Beer's “brew” cousin, coffee, is crafted using its own technique. Check out the local coffee roastery while on a Brew Donkey Tour.

Equator Coffee is a local roastery where you will get a behind the scenes look at the entire blending process.

While checking out the craft brew scene on this special tour, we will stop in to smell coffee blends and get a sizzling jolt of java to boost you up!


5. Ultimate Frisbee League Games - Who Likes Sport Sports? Tour

Ultimate Frisbee’s popularity has skyrocketed over the years.

Did you know Ottawa has a pro team in a North American pro league of 22 teams?  Get out and watch some of the best players in the world compete. 

This experience coupled with a Brew Donkey Tour will get your energy levels up and your blood flowing before taking in the craft brewery scene!  We are planning tours on June 6th and July 4th so mark your calendars. 

Heads up!

Heads up bro-fo!

The Amazing Part

Now that you got the low down on the Ottawa experience scene, let us know which one you want to try.

Leave a comment letting us know.

And if there are any on the list that stands out making you say, “I gotta do this!”, we offer a craft beer tour that includes a visit to one of these hidden gems!

To learn more click here: https://www.brewdonkey.ca/pages/browse-tours