Ottawa Interbrews #6: What's Your Least Favourite Task in the Brewery?

This is just a taste of what Ottawa's local craft breweries have to offer. If you would like to learn more, we would recommend sampling their beer on a Brew Donkey tour

Special thanks to our brewing friends at:  

Beau's All Natural Brewing Company, Bicycle Craft Brewery, Big Rig Brewery, Evergreen Craft Ales, Waller St. Brewing, Stray Dog Brewing, Orléans Brewing Company, Vimy Brewing Company, Whiprsnapr Brewing Co, Microbrasserie Cassel Brewery, Ridge Rock Brewing, and Small Pony Barrel Works for participating in our Interbrews series!

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  • Part One: How would you describe your brewery in just five words?
  • Part Two: How do you feel about Ottawa's craft beer industry?
  • Part Three: What are you working on in terms of new beers or projects?
  • Part Four: What is your favourite part of the brewery to show off on a tour?
  • Part Five: What's the most unexpected ingredient you've put in a beer recipe?