Brew Donkey Tours COVID-19 Safety Protocols
Here is what we will be doing to mitigate risk to our breweries, our staff as well our beer community on buses:

  • Tour size will be reduced from our past maximum of 25 guests to the maximum size suggested by health officials. That number is currently 10. This is in place to maximize the ability to physical distance. The spacing of seating will provide for the maximum distance between guests. This number will match the suggested maximum based on the guidelines at the time.
  • Masks will be required for guests and staff while on the bus at all times and when receiving the indoor portion of the tour in the brewery.
  • All buses will be loaded back to front and unloaded front to back to ensure the least amount of close contact with other guests.  
  • Beyond the existing bus cleaning practices, before the start of each tour, our staff will disinfectant the top of all the seats which is the place that customers will touch most on the bus. Between stops, there will be a sanitizing wipe of all contact points of customer seats.
  • Guests will have assigned seats that only they will be allowed to sit in. 
  • When boarding the guests on the tour, our staff will have a sanitizer pump to offer it to all guests.
  • Instead of handing individuals the lanyards and pens ourselves, we will let the guest know that they are welcome to grab one on their own if they would like from a bin.
  • We are asking that guests wash or sanitize their hands on arriving for a tour and at each location.
  • All food will be pre-packaged and sealed to health and safety standards.

NOTE: We are learning daily from health officials and you as to your comfort levels and will be updating this as we get new information. 

Thanks in advance for the patience and understanding as we navigate this new reality.