Travel Trade Terms and Conditions (F.I.T.)
Booking and Payment  
    • NET rate or Commission: We are offering a % off of retail rates or a commissionable rate. 
    • After Trip - you will be able to reserve the tickets with a custom discount code tied to your account, making the cost $0.00. We will invoice the trips monthly for each trip completed in the month. 
    • Time of Booking - you can reserve the tickets with a custom discount code and have NET rate factored in and complete payment immediately. The code also tracks commissions. 
Customer Cancellation and Reschedule Policy
    • 72 hrs notice for a full refund, less processing fees - No refunds under 72 hours
    • Should plans change and guests would like to switch to another tour, we would happily reschedule tickets for a new date. We need at least 72 hrs notice to do so.

Lateness Policy

If your guests are running late and unable to meet our tour guide on time please call us as soon as you can. If we can wait we will, but be we may have to leave without them so as to not keep other guests waiting an unreasonable amount of time. If they miss the pickup they are free to join the tour in progress at the 1st brewery location by cab/bus. This will be at thier own expense.

Brew Donkey does not provide refunds, partial credits, expense reimbursements related to additional travel costs, or provide the opportunity to reschedule a booking due to lateness and/or a missed tour due to lateness. It is the guests responsibility to arrive on time at the correct pickup location. If you have any questions related to your tour don't hesitate to contact us anytime at

As a participant on a Brew Donkey tour, all guest must agree to the following code of conduct:

  • RESPECT - Guests will show respect to the Brew Donkey tour guide, your new and existing friends on tour, all staff at breweries and the customers you meet at the breweries. Discrimination and harassment of any kind will not be tolerated.
  • DRINKING - Please enjoy responsibly. Stay healthy so you can enjoy the beer we love so much longer! Remember to Hydrate! We always have water on the tour. 
  • SMART SERVE - Brew Donkey guides are all Smart Serve certified and Brew Donkey reserves the right to refuse service to customers who violate this code of conduct at any point while on tour, including ejecting violators from a tour prematurely when these rules are not being followed. Ejected violators will be called a taxi to be paid for at their own expense.
  • COVID-19 SAFETY - Guests must adhere to the safety protocols laid out by the guides. This includes items like physical distancing from staff and guests, wearing a mask, and hand cleaning & sanitizing. You can find the most up to date list of protocols at the top of our home page. Not adhering to these rules will result in removal from the tour with no refund.  


All patrons need to complete and agree to our waiver to be allowed to attend. If you are purchasing your tickets for numerous people make sure to send them the link.

Photos and Videos

Our tours are experiences worth sharing! When attending one of our tours, you grant Brew Donkey the right to use any photos or videos collected of you for promotional, social media or commercial purposes. We make all necessary efforts to portray you and your love of beer in a respectful manner and ask that you do so too if taking photos of other guests. You also understand and agree to grant Brew Donkey license to use these images or videos of your likeness royalty-free.