Brewery Tour Passes

The easiest way to give the gift of a craft brewery tour. 

These passes offer the most flexibility and convenience in giving the gift of a brewery tour.  

With each pass purchased, you will be emailed a 16-digit code for the value of the card. This is a Gift Card so any unused value it still usable for other tickets on the same trip or future tours on Brew Donkey's website. 

The recipient can use the 16-digit code whenever they want, for any tour at their leisure on our website. NOTE: Gift card and Tour Pass balances cannot be used to buy beer during a tour.    

The codes provided for each pass have the following values:

  • Express Tour Pass - $88+tax ($99.44)
  • Tour Pass - $103+tax ($116.39)
  • La Belle Brew-Mance Tour Pass - $110+tax ($124.30)
  • Rally Tour Pass - $116+tax ($131.08)
  • Western Libations Tour Pass - $116+tax ($131.08)
  • Sip, Axe & Relax Tour Pass - $130+tax ($146.90)


*The difference between gift cards and tour passes: both items are monetary gift cards with no expiry date or fees associated. Gift Cards are in $25 increments for gift-giving convenience. Tour Passes are set at the price of our tours including taxes.