COVID-19 - Brew Donkey Tours Status

April 3rd 2020

During these unprecendented times we continue to make changes to our business to stay financially healthy and fiscally responsible. We have taken every effort to ensure that Brew Donkey Tours will survive this and that your past or current investment in our company will not be lost.

If you have a ticket that you have booked with us and need to talk please email us at or call us at 613-864-3659.  

We will get through this together and be touring around the Ottawa beer scene by bus as soon as we can. 

Brad Campeau

March 20th 2020

We are offering virtual brewery tours and if you have loved them and want to support us use the link below to make a donation.

March 17th 2020

In these unprecedented times, we have to change habits for public health as well as our own. Remember to take care of your own health while spending more time at home and conscious of if your habits are changing for the worse.
Be healthy.

That being said there are close to 40 breweries that we know you love and each of them that are hurting right now. Taprooms are closing and sales to licensees are all but drying up. Each of them is in a different situation but we want to make it easy for you to figure out how to get their beer.

Today we are starting to catalog the Taproom and Retail status of the breweries in Ottawa and nearby. It will include links to buying beer online, whether there are delivery options, and links to gift cards.

All joking aside, don't hoard but please get the beer you love and support where you can so our favorites will be there WHEN this passes.

You can find the ongoing and constantly updated list on our site.

March 16th 2020


Today we are sad to announce that we will be suspending our tours for the next 2 weeks (March 30th) at least. The experiences that we have built over the last 6 years have been about supporting the community and if our community is at risk we need to be sure to do our part to keep it safe. If we don't, who will we drink beer with?

Getting to this point was hardest because of the trickle-down effect on our staff, destinations, and catering partners, all of which will be highly affected by the loss of sales, attendees and shifts.

At this time we are putting all tours and tickets for the next 2 weeks on HOLD for use at a future date. We will take guidance on tours running after March 30th week by week as we are updated by Ottawa Public Health. For those that have already invested in future trips with us, know that we will survive this and once it is safe to gather with local IPA's and Stouts we will. Our buses will run every weekend all year round again, meaning that you will be able to choose a new date that is convenient for you and your group.

If you have any questions email us and we will get back to you from the comfort of our home where we are self-isolating and still drinking local beer!

Brad Campeau
Owner, Founder and Beer Lover

March 12th 2020

The health of our community is top of mind here at Brew Donkey​. We are continually monitoring the situation regarding COVID-19, as is everyone in the tourism industry, and at this time all tours are running as scheduled.

Please note that we have implemented the following internal procedures for our tours to reduce risk of exposure to our staff and guests:

- Beyond existing bus cleaning practices, before the start of each tour, our staff use disinfectant wipes to wipe off the top of all the seats which is the place that customers will touch most on the bus.

- When boarding the guests on to the tour, our staff will be on the bus with the sanitizer pump to offer it to anyone who wants it.

- Instead of handing individuals the lanyards and pens ourselves, we will let the guest know that they are welcome to grab one on their own if they would like from a bin.

- When greeting and saying goodbye to our guests, our staff will use the elbow bump instead of handshakes and high-fives. If you're not sure how to elbow bump, here's a video with one way to do it, as demonstrated by Prince Harry.

- We are asking that guests keep their hands away from their face and remember to wash their hands regularly. If you need a 20-second chorus to sing to, we suggest you use this one.

- Our buses are large sized school style bus which means they have space for 44 adults. Our max tour is 25 guests (attendance is closer to 15-18 at this time) meaning that there will be plenty of space for guests to have distance.  

Lastly, we are suggesting everybody take the advice of Ottawa Public Health listed here.

Let's treat each other with the same respect we have for craft beer. Please stay healthy so we can continue to drink local beer together.

If you have any questions please don't hesitate to email us at

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