The DOs and DON'Ts for Brew Donkey tours
Please DO:
  • Be ready for pick up on time. If you're late, you miss out on beer and fun.
  • Buy beer at the breweries we visit to bring home with you.
  • Respect beer. Take a few sips before declaring it isn't your style. Drink what you love. 
  • Respect yourselves and the others around you.
  • Respect our beer friends, they make the liquid we love!
  • Respect your tour guide- they are facilitating fun, help them help you! 
  • Have a really awesome time, take lots of photos and share via social media #brewdonkeytours.
Please DO NOT:
  • Do not be visibly intoxicated, we won't be able to serve you. :(
  • Do not your own bring beer, liquor, marijuana on the bus.
  • Do not make belligerent, rude or discriminatory comments to anyone during your tour. 
  • Do not wear open toe shoes.