Bytowne Brewers - Weekday Registration (Mon-Thurs)
Our newest product is a trip that explores Ottawa's history through beer and brewing.
Join us for a 2 stop tour that will immerse you in the sordid history of the beverage makers that built our fine city. 
From the early days when tavern staff served hard-working travellers their freshly made beer to today where small breweries everywhere thrive by being a local meeting space, there is a history of people wanting to connect to the beverages they drink. 
On this exclusive mid-week tour, you will be guided through the past of beverage making in Ottawa. From hidden beer tunnels to cliffside lager caves, the Ottawa stories we'll present will surprise and enthrall. 
Hop on this tour to 2 brewing locations in downtown Ottawa and let us do the driving!
Monday to Thursday
5:30 PM - 8:30 PM
3 hrs
(+ Tax) Per Person
Please select a date.
Potential Tour Stops
Mill Street Brewery
Beyond the Pale
Spark Beer
Flora Hall Brewing
Tooth and Nail

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Pickup & Drop-Off Locations
Main Pickup & Drop-Off
Brew Donkey - 150 Elgin St - Wait in Lobby
5:15 PM (bus leaves 5:30 PM sharp)
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Included With This Tour
Includes all transportation, sampling fees, a light snack, a history session on Ottawa beverage makers and behind-the-scenes tours at 2 central Ottawa breweries.
Food Options
A fresh savory SconeWitch scone - Buttery, flaky and BUTTERY.
Lots of samples are included with this tour.