Hops and Elbow Drops (walking)™
Limited Time

Folding chairs flailing, ropes are straining, and the speedos are blinding! This is not WWE but it is Pro Wrestling in Ottawa. Taking place in the heart of Ottawa, this is an event not to be missed. Whether you watched Hulk Hogan & King Kong Bundy in the ’80s or you’ve just heard that Pro Wrestling is a thing, this trip will get you ringside for what is bound to be an eye-opening show. Grab a friend, ‘tag-team’ the Hops and Elbow Drops tour and let us to the ‘pile-driving’.

Friday, Sept 15, 2023
$30 value

Fri September 15 2023
4:30 PM - 10:15 PM
5.75 hrs
(+ Tax) Per Person
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Tour Stops
Spark Beer
Beyond the Pale
C4 Wrestling Match

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Pickup & Drop-Off Locations
Main Pickup & Drop-Off
Spark Beer - 702 Somerset St W - Ottawa -ON K1R 6P6
4:30 PM (Tour starts at 4:30 PM sharp)
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Included With This Tour
Includes tickets to the match, sampling fees, a light snack, an education session on craft beer and behind the scenes tours at each brewery.
Food Options
BBQ Chicken Bacon Avocado Sandwich
House shredded chicken, BAAAACON, avocado, lettuce, tomato, mild cheddar and Sherwood sauce on hearty Rideau Bakery egg bread.
Hot Capicola Sandwich
Hot Capicola, lettuce, tomato, mayo, Dijon and provolone cheese on hearty Rideau Bakery egg bread.
Oven Roasted Turkey Sandwich
Oven Roasted Turkey, lettuce, tomato, mayo and Edam on hearty Rideau Bakery egg bread.
Vegetarian Sandwich with Avocado
Lettuce, tomato, avocado, swiss cheese and Sherwood sauce on hearty Rideau Bakery egg bread.
Power Protein Salad (GF)
Seasonal house salad with roasted chicken, edamame, shredded vegetables and quinoa. 
Vegan Option
Wrap (falafel or hummus) with assorted crudités
3 to 4 samples at 5oz each are included at each bevearge maker with this tour. More beverages are available for purchase at locations
Cancellation Policy / Terms & Conditions

Purchase makes a reservation under your name - No physical tickets will be mailed.

  • On a public tour Brew Donkey Tours reserves the right to cancel an event due to a small group size. We must have at least 8 people join us for this tour in order to run the event.
  • Brew Donkey Tours reserves the right to adjust the route and breweries as needed without notice.
  • All tours use SCHOOL BUS style transportation unless stated otherwise. Walking Tours have no bus.
  • You will be notified at least 48hrs before the event if it is going to be cancelled with a full refund.
Hops and Elbow Drops (walking)™
(+ Tax) Per Person